Monday, July 5, 2010

The wonderful world of blogging

Marie and her partner at their colourful Sydney apartment
Marie's office - so cute!

real living contributing stylist Marie Nichols is always inspiring us with her beautiful shoots. Her blog, whole lotta lovely , is full of great decorating ideas too.

whole lotta lovely takes us through the whole styling process. Marie shows us the idea (which is usually one of her gorgeous sketches), the moodboard and then the finished product. She makes having a beautifully styled home look so easy!
Don’t forget to check out real living's July issue - we feature Marie’s cute and colourful Sydney apartment.

Why did you start blogging? At the time I was working in house for a magazine. I wanted to share all the little things that I loved but that we couldn’t feature. I’m one of those annoying people that love what I do, so if I’m not prepping for a feature or on a shoot I’m blogging about it!

What are your all time favourite sites?
tales of a junkaholic
fabric of my life
gathering spriggs
a creative mint

What can we look forward to seeing on your site? Behind the scenes of shoots, more mood boards and all my fave finds from Sydney and back home in the UK.

images real living and chris warnes


kyliept said...

Ooooh, thanks for this post! This was definitely my favourite shoot of the current issue - such a great use of space, and not at all cramped!

I'm now following Marie's blog - what's another blog added to the several hundred I already subscribe to?!

Flying Ducks

kyliept said...

Weird — something happened to my other comment, so I’ll try and remember vaguely what I said!

This feature was my favourite of the current issue — I love Marie’s creative use of the space. There’s a lot packed into the home but it’s not cluttered, and it reflects the owners perfectly.

I’m now following Marie’s blog — thanks for the link! I read too many blogs as it is, but it’s always great to add someone who will no doubt inspire readers to achieve great things in their own homes.

Flying Ducks

PS. I MUST remember to send it my subscription renewal this month!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

i loved this feature in the current edition. pad.

Sara said...

Very inspiring to see that you can transforn a rental unit into such a lovely space! I'm in a rental too and find it very challenging to decorate at times, as I'm not allowed to damage the walls/change colours/paint. The apartment in this shoot is fabulous!


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